All about change: Projekts, Workshops, Trainings

We offer workshops, trainings and intensive courses for individuals, groups, NGOs, CEOs, and Universities worldwide. Our speciality is  to train change agents, social innovators and “trim tabs”, meaning leaders who are hitting limitations in their own change work (personally and professionally) and train them to become exponentially more effective.

For examples of transformative workshops and leadership trainings, see the following pages:

LIFT – Leadership for Transition; EU Project, Integral Think Tank 

Training for Lecturers @ WITS University, South Africa on Integral Self Development

Think/Feel Tank: In-sighting Emergent Capacities: A Symposion on Collective Insight; Alderlore Insight Center, Ct, USA 

Taking on the Future: Transformation in a Changing Climate, June 2013, Oslo 

Global Transformation, up-close and personal, January, 2013, Oslo 

U-Process Climate Leadership Program CLP, Rustenburg, South Africa

Facilitating Change – University of the Witwatersrand, JB, SA: WITS Facilitating change process: Creating an interdisciplinary Curriculum on Global and Climate Change Issues
Transformative Learning and Integral Education, 5 Days workshop, June 2012, Trondheim, Norway 

Personal to Global Transformation in Climate Change Leadership, May 2011, Oslo 

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