Voices of Participants

Absolutely amazing!!!! Transformation Intensive delivers way beyond its objectives. For both professional and personal life the course liberates, empowers and brings back purpose and poise that seems to have been out of reach. Anne and her team have created a superior product that is truly life transforming.
Stephan J. Flaetgen, New York ( 9 days TI course in Germany, April 2015)

“Der Kurs “Transformation des Bewusstseins” war für mich ein sehr schönes Erlebnis. Vor allem erleichterte er mein Leben ungemein. Er zeigte plötzlich die Möglichkeit, aus allen Problemen, die wir uns bezogen auf das Selbst nur ausdenken können, gestärkt und positiv hervorzugehen, ganz nach dem Motto „gain from harm”. So war Ich plötzlich in der Lage, jede Krise oder Problematik so zu analysieren, dass ich sie entsprechend umformen konnte, sodass sie kein Problem mehr für mich darstellte. Und ich habe jetzt die Möglichkeit, auf verschiedenartige Weise Probleme zu erkennen. Wobei ich hier eigentlich sagen müsste, dass Probleme nicht wirklich Probleme, sondern nur noch nicht entdeckte oder nicht erkannte Lösungen sind. Denn der Mensch ist sehr gut darin, wohl auch zum Schutz, jegliche Sachverhalte, die Emotionen betreffen, die etwas schmerzhafter sind, zu verdrängen. Doch wenn wir uns die Mühe machen, wird man Ende belohnt, die Blockade löst sich auf, und wir haben ein wunderbar befreites Gefühl, so dass wir von uns aus wieder Anlauf nehmen: „what’s next?”. Die Angst vor „Problemen” schwindet mehr und mehr, und wir können jetzt vertrauensvoll in die Zukunft gehen”. 
Alexander Caspari, Germany; (4 day TI Course, September 2014)

This weekend an in depth exploration into “pure agentic” way of being; setting basic assumptions and ‘deleting’ interfering assumptions in an elegant and effective process guided by two masters of this approach. I regard this mind set to be basically incompatible with a great many other mindsets, which doesn’t falsify it at all btw; all true but incompatible mind sets can easily exist in the diversity I call the polyverse, no synthesis into a ‘higher’ or ‘more encompassing’ mind set needed or even possible in any real sense. For the next couple of days though I’ll be mostly immersing myself in and exploring the “pure agentic” view or paradigm to see what its consequences are for the diversity that’s ‘me.’ One interesting consequence already being that it allows me to put ‘ultimate trust’ into my take on reality…”
Mushin Schilling, Germany,  (TI weekend in Switzerland, August 2014)


“Life is a miracle of abundance and love.

For some reason, we learn to live our lives holding on to this or that, building tensions and creating ideas etc. taking us further from the very true and loving source of life. We move on building layer upon layer of pain, conceptions and believes. In the midst of all this, sooner or later, we start to feel a stronger and stronger longing for authenticity, for LOVE, for simplicity so we start making things even more complicated. Haha. We try this and that, become inspired of this and that, we learn and unlearn and off course all this is super good – meaning there is no good or bad!

That very longing, which makes things more complicated taking us even further away from love paradoxically also brings us closer to the truth that we were always in love, all along. Becoming aware of one self, and by giving and caring about ourselves and others we heal as individuals and as a whole.

When I first took part of Anne and Karin´s Transformation and Leadership Program, I was in a state of longing, suffering and confusion. Together with them and the practises which they offered things became clearer and simpler, until I could see the love within and without. I don´t believe in facilitation neither the right to facilitate, but I do believe that when a person is truly longing for love and understanding, people along the way, like Karin and Anne, reveal themselves for the sake of the process and the unfolding of ones very own choice of act.

So when you meet Karin and Anne, don´t consider them as your facilitator that you have chosen to visit hoping to achieve this or that, see them as gifts that are coming to you through a very natural and complex, yet simple process, impossible to grasp caused by the very moment you consciously or unconsciously acted within yourself. Keep your courage and experience how life´s miracle happen as you are part of this fabric of love, and where the illusion of time is revealed. Be humble, brave, self-compassionate and compassionate.

If “you” happen to stumble upon love, while being present with Anne and Karin, please honor their work and give them your gratitude and love, and when you leave, take your time, listen carefully to what´s emerging. Love and act, because it’s the very same thing – your essential self.”
Sharif Shawky,  Sweden, (9 day TI course in Germany, June 2014)


Change has to start within us and with our own behaviour. So for all those of us working on changing the “world”, we should look first at ourselves (it is the upper left quadrant that we can easily influence). The nine day course has helped me exactly to do this: look at my inner self and deliberately decide what I would like to change and how.

In a loving, caring and joyful atmosphere and with a loving, caring and joyful team of coaches I had the opportunity to look at deeply rooted life patterns and fears, to work with and on them and to deliberately decide to let them go. The days brought me a huge step forward to create what I want to create. In addition I found new friends from different parts of the world with whom I feel deeply connected.” Thanks a lot to Anne for accompanying me in this adventure!
Katja Firus, Rome (8 day TI Course, Switzerland, January 2014)

“It’s amazing how possible it is to live unaware of what is actually happening! But then again discovering ways to let the present shine is part of the fun! In the TI workshop I discovered the joy of acting out. Acting out enhances the physical expression of what is arising as a means to clear the energy of what is impeding the presence of what was intended. This process allows deep practice with subtle shifts in focus of attention and patterned behaviors. Anne is a master with these processes and guiding people to their own liberation. She has been practicing and teaching and leading workshops in this work for 15 years and is highly attuned to what we are asking ourselves to address. Anne’s capacity for being sensitive as well as her experience with the depth of the work means you will be extremely well cared for, be well instructed in the processes of, as well as activate lifelong positive changes.”
Katherine Konner, California, (9 day TI Course, Switzerland, January 2014)

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