Transformative Processes

Transformation processes can range from simply changing a habit (for an individual) to changing personal realities or shifting paradigm (for individuals and groups). The journey of transformation is  an archetypal universal movement that each individual or group from one reality to another, whether it be small or large scale. Scharmer, Senge, Jaworski and Flowers describe this journey beautifully in their book, “Presence“.

In the global change arena we see more and more the need for leaders to know about what happens in transformative processes inside out in order to play a different game. It is ironic that our best whole systems thinkers are becoming ever more frustrated at the lack of visible change in response to knowledge and evidence about growing threats to sustainability. The problem is that the intrinsic mechanisms of transformation are still not widely understood or mastered. Transformations that respond to adaptive challenges involve a fundamental shift in perspective and meaning.

In order to be able to design, catalyze, foster or lead such shifts, leaders need to recognize stages, depth and width of the process, need to identify patterns of systemic pushback, know what to do with immunities to change and how to handle the usual resistances and escape mechanisms. Welcome to the world of Trim Tabs.

The methods, exercises and practices presented here are not about making incremental changes that lead to new ways of doing based on old beliefs and assumptions. They are geared instead toward causing a total shift of being, position, perception and meaning making processes. And while they are completely practical for self management – they are about transforming your entire world.


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