Facilitating Change – University of the Witwatersrand, JB, South Africa

WITS Facilitating change process: Creating an interdisciplinary Curriculum on Global and Climate Change Issues

Ongoing facilitation and change management process with the aim of supporting the development of a sustainable post-graduate curriculum offering at WITS University in Global Change. This understanding included a closer look into internal change processes, both individually and collectively as a group, to get some reference points for the meaning of effective change and transformation, as well as experiential insight into the meta-skills and tools required. The challenges posed by a multi-layered and multi-cultural national and global society with diverging needs and values, with highly complex and “wicked” problems, requires the project team members to first have their own experiential understanding in the nature and force of motivators and internal drivers of human behaviour before setting out a curriculum for change and true transformation for students.

This intervention has led to the creation of the following postgraduate course “Interdisciplinary Global Change Studies” at WITS University, starting March 2014.

Methods applied: Immunity to Change, Integral Framework, U Process, Transformation Intensive Coaching Tools

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