Transformation Intensive November 2017

Personal Development Course

November 18 – 24, 2017 @ House Schmagerow, near Berlin, Germany

Join us for an experiential course on intensive personal change. The rewards of taking the full Transformation Intensive are surprising new perspectives and realizations about your hidden assumptions and thought patterns that you had no idea were “running you”. Learn how to shed layers of limitations, sabotaging mechanisms and false self-definitions. Experience deep insights that leave a lasting shift. Redefine yourself from clarity and source with a wider choice.

You learn the skills to dissolve limitations, recurring patterns and inner conflicts. The approach guides you further on a experiential, practical path to accomplish radical change in your life and make it last. The insights of this course can be directly applied to personal, professional, and collective challenges. Also, the release of built-up complicatedness and personal baggage allows for relief, integration and lightness.

Transformation Intensive addresses individuals who:

  • experience recurrent life situations they wish to change and are frustrated
  • have an inkling they are leading from behind or flying under the radar
  • are tired of their limitations and of scarcity
  • would like more impact, power and alignment in their personal reality (job, relationship)
  • are in a transition period of in their life and would like to create something new that is more aligned with who they really are
  • would like to experience a depth, lightness and clarity they didn’t have access to before
  • are curious about their next learning edge

This course is also an excellent training ground for professionals, coaches or change facilitators who are interested to go deeper in their own development and enhance their capacities and skill set.

The course has been developed so that you as an individual with your special talents and expertise, learn to use your innate capacities, to:

  • Learn some of the basic structures of your thinking and the patterns that are hindering you
  • learn to use a tailored fast track for your development to self-authoring and self-transformation
  • gain deeper insights into how to handle resistances, adaptive push back and escape mechanisms
  • strengthen personal integrity and coherence
  • access personal power and develop the skill to prototype
  • get to know some theory context around these phenomena.

The course is an expedition into your mind and its mechanisms.  It speaks to your own level of expertise and takes place in a beautiful environment. It uses methods and materials that can be seen through the lenses of  Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory or Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work. However, while it is helpful to refer to the ‘maps’ to get some orientation, no theory knowledge is needed and the course is thoroughly experiential. The course includes 3 coaching sessions for the time after the course. Course Description Schmagerow general.

Course Dates

November 18 – 24, 2017, at House Schmagerow near Berlin, Germany, near the border to Poland, nearest Airport is Berlin (D) or Szczecin (PL). Please ask for details. Reviewers welcome. For more information write to us or get a free taster session on Skype (annecaspari).

February 10 – 16, 2018, at House Schmagerow near Berlin, Germany,

Course Fees € 3495,- plus VAT. Early bird discount until one month before the course € 3195,-plus VAT.

Accommodation comes with full board and internet access (60 €/day/person).
Some rooms might be shared.

Ask us for group discounts, shorter modules or courses taylored to your group.