Think tanks & Emergent Insighting

Think Tank

As an outcome from a meeting in August this year on Ekskäret, a beautiful island in the archipelago off the coast of Stockholm, we – a small group of integral practitioners and researchers  including Ekskäret’s owner Thomas Björkman and Thomas Jordan from the university of Göteborg, have founded an ongoing think tank on the subject of transformation. We will be collecting and exploring methods of awareness based technologies and skills needed by change agents. As a baseline, we are referring to Robert Kegan’s work and focus on approaches that foster vertical development, as Kegan describes it for the move from a ‘self-authoring mind’ to a ‘self-transforming mind’.  Anybody really interested in this work, the ongoing research or its outcomes, please contact me.

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CppEI Events: Collective participatory process for Emerging Insight

Together with the Alderlore Insight Center led by Bonnitta Roy we have designed a process for catalyzing emergent capacities in groups, such as sensory clarity, insight and cognitive flow. Our process method enables groups to quickly move through needs-based interactions to authentic participations as fully individuated agents. Next intro to the process will be in Munich, Germany, this fall. Stay tuned.

alderlore logo blau cppei 20140810_153712


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