Facing Organizational Challenges

Thinking and Doing from a whole new Mind: Releasing Complexity

3 Day Workshop/ Think Tank with Bonnitta Roy, November 4-6, 2016

APPWEBLOGO (1)The 20th century has been shaped by conceptual frameworks that have given us tremendous benefits, yet most of these frameworks are quickly becoming obsolete. We clutch onto what has worked in the past and intensify our efforts even as we see that the benefits are rapidly diminishing. As leaders face escalating task demands and are already falling “in over their heads,” society becomes paralyzed by unprecedented complexity. Somehow it seems that we have failed to speak about the root causes of our predicament.

“It’s not enough to change what we know is wrong.
We need to change some of what we think is right.”

We build bigger and bigger systems but fail to examine their underlying assumptions. We simulate many possible outcomes, but we rarely inspect our starting positions. It’s not enough to change just what we know is wrong. We need to change some of what we think is right.

This workshop will show you how to peel away the layers of complexity in your life and work. We will look at the different systems approaches that have bnew mindeen developed through time, and expose their key fault lines. We will introduce complexity thinking beyond systems thinking and show how new analytic tools and simple frameworks can both release complexity and increase impact. Through interactive engagement, we will learn how to get to a more grounded, realist position, by using direct perception and embodied practices. We will see how much of the complexity we believe to be “in the world” is actually inside the way we look at the world. We will learn how to recognize common traps that look like solutions but lead us down the path to escalating complexity in the long run.

More of the topics Bonnitta will cover:

  • CREATIVE DISRUPTION: What to do when everything you are doing is too big to know
  • SACRED COWS, ELEPHANTS & OTHER NOBLE BEASTS: How what we don’t say becomes what we can’t do; organizational shadow; normalizing group think
  • HOW SYSTEMS THINKING IS KILLING YOUR CREATIVITY:When to stick with lower order abstractions closer to the concrete and particular, and when to begin thinking “beneath the question.”
  • GENERATIVE DESIGN: Utilizing aesthetic judgment to enable decisive action.  Discovering the “design problem” at the heart of  wicked problems.

Stay tuned for more detailed information, or write to anne@mindshift-integral.com

Place: House Schmagerow, Countryside North of Berlin, nearest airport Berlin

Price: € 1250,- Includes Seminar, facilities, accomodation and full board; some rooms are shared. Write to anne@mindshift-integral.com for more information or call on skype. Download the flyer. App retreat Europe 2

This course is part of a certification cycle. Participants who have not done the 1st workshop with Bonnie, can book a “getting up to speed” pre-workshop (1day).

Team Facilitation

Organizations and teams can book Bonnie for a workshop taylored to their challenges and their organization afterwards @ Schmagerow. She offers group facilitation of co-operative  inquiry for teams in order to catalyze collective insight, intuition and cognitive flow. Through her process of open facilitation, participants transition from modes of social discourse to a deeper, more authentic engagement, where multi-dimensional dialogue, collective awareness and spontaneous creativity emerge. Please write to anne@mindshift-integral.com for more information.