Theory Base & Tools

We work with tool boxes and methods that have proven highly reliable and efficient in the past decades.

As foundation we use Ken Wilber’s Integral Framework as a sophisticated and fit reference system for structuring highly complex adaptive challenges, for organizing knowledge and designing projects and interactions. We find AQAL to be an excellent “map of the territory”. Our work is deeply grounded and always geared towards practical, real life “where the rubber hits the road” type of application.

We also have also beyond Integral to include more process oriented transformative methods and tools that we love to work with as required by the challenges presented. What we do is informed and inspired by the works of the following researchers and practitioners.

  • Ken Wilber: AQAL Framework
  • Peter Senge/Otto Scharmer/Joseph Jaworski: Theory U, Presencing
  • Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey: Immunity to Change
  • Bonnitta Roy/Alderlore Insight Center: APP & OPO/ Open Participatory Organizations
  • Fred Kofman: Conscious Business
  • Susanne Cook-Greuter: Adult Development
  • Bill Torbert: Action Logics
  • Voice dialogue/Big Mind Process
  • Dave Snowden: Complexity Theory/ Cynefin
  • The Full Circle Group/TLC: 360 Assessment
  • Lectica: Leadership Decision Making Assessment/ LDMA





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