Anne Caspari is partner in the following alliances 

Entz von Zerssen, Caspari & Partner Coaching & Consulting;

Partner:  Mushin Schilling and Hannes Entz-von Zerssen

Alderlore Insight Center

Think Tank, Insight Architects, Generative Process Design

“We believe humans are capable of great wisdom and understanding that far surpasses what we have already accomplished as a species. We believe that there is a new epochal shift underway that in its transitional stage feels like disparate upheaval, but when looked upon historically, will be seen as extraordinary as the confluence of wisdom events that has been called the axial age and gave rise to modern forms of reasoning and judgment. We believe that this new epoch will be realized through intentional design of liberating structures reasoned from a post-dialectic, onto-logical view. We believe we have already at hand, the means to employ post-dialectic methods of inquiry and practice in ways that are relevant, meaningful and useful to today’s pressing issues and complex problems. ”

Partner: Bonnitta Roy and Mushin Schilling 

Integral Mentors 

Integral Mentors works with individuals or small groups to gain a deeper integral understanding of praxis in the field of international development worldwide. These practitioners tend to have extensive field experience in international development in the design and implementation of programmes. They also have a grounding in Integral Theory.

Partner: Paul van Schaik 

ECLP: European Centre for Leadership Practice

Partner: Jonathan Reams, Johann Entz- von Zerssen, Ted Baartman

and works closely with the following professionals and teams: 

Jonathan Reams
University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
Editor in chief integral review
Trondheim, Norway

Mushin Schilling
Integral collaboration ecologist
Berlin, Germany
Basel, Switzerland

Karen O’Brien/ cChange
Professor at University of Oslo,
Department of Sociology and Human Geography
IPCC WG2 Lead Author
Oslo, Norway

Barrett C. Brown, Co-Director
Integral Sustainability Center/ Metaintegral Foundation
Boulder, Co, USA

Katja Firus, Partner
T-6 T6 Società Cooperativa
Rome, Italy


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