SHAMS, Syria

EU Project SHAMS/ iSEA
European Project on Sustainable Tourism and Development -“Integral Strategic Environmental Assessment” in Bosra, Syria 

The EU project Shams is about sustainable urban development in a world heritage site in Bosra, Syria, which has asked for support in order to avoid the so common development traps of going for short term gain by selling out cultural heritage, depleting water resources or destroying the local social structure.

Bosra old town 2

Together with an expert team on cultural heritage from Italy we have set up the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to provide a guiding framework and a tool for checking on the environmental, socio-economic impacts of planned developments before a decision is taken

The integral framework allows us to find out and address blind spots and root causes of culturally embedded obstacles in promoting the sustainable valorisation of the tremendous cultural heritage of Bosra. The integral method also provides an excellent tool for ‘cultural translation’ between the various stakeholder groups, which is of prime importance in a local community, where traditional value systems are more and more failing to provide answers for the emerging, more complex problems (with T6 Ecosystems, Rome, Italy)

The project was presented at the “Integral Without Borders” Conference April 22-27 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey and at the annual conference of the German Integral Forum 2009  in Bremen, Germany

More about the project here: 8-05-5 pdf iSEA or read the mission report. SEA-Mission_Website


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