Complexity Partners

Making Sense in a Complex World

How we work

Complexity Work

We support clients in the current complex environment, to deal with leadership, or organisational development, as well as cultural work or just making sense of what is happening in their teams and organisations.

If you find yourself in a place where you sense that the skills and tools that have brought you this far are no longer sufficient, or if you experience that business as usual is no longer an option then we help you to find your way forward. Whether you are already versed in complexity thinking or have only discovered it now, we can help you to apply thinking tools and supportive frameworks that will guide you on your journey through complex, uncertain and messy terrain. 

Many of our clients are experiencing something like this:

I don’t fully know what the problem is yet … I need a partner to help me understand what is actually going on.

I need to find a way forward despite the uncertainty.

We need to improve our decision-making. How can we rely on our decisions if the future is so unpredictable?

How do you shift the complex nature of organisational culture when it is needed?

How do I lead when I don’t have the answers? How do I apply my expertise in unpredictable and changing conditions?

I want to learn new ways of thinking and being in order to become the person the complex challenges I face are calling me to become.

We understand that everybody faces different challenges in the face of complexity and uncertainty. If any of these resonate with you …. click here to schedule a thinking partnership session or a workshop. If you have a need that wasn’t addressed in the list above, feel free to get in touch for a conversation.

We help you through ongoing dialogue, thinking partnership, process facilitation, training & workshops, and team- and individual coaching. We conduct narrative inquiries (software supported) and facilitate personal and collective sensemaking.

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