Publications and Papers

Transformative processes and leadership

U and Development-[Paper036] : Mapping Transformative Processes with AQAL and Theory U

TransformationShift [Paper039]: Shifting Personal Reality

WhenRealityHits[Paper041]: Working with Resistance – When Reality hits, use its Force

ITC California 2013 Reams Caspari:  Integral Leadership: Feeling into the Moment,  Presentation and academic Paper

Jonathan Reams, Anne Caspari (2012) : “Integral Leadership – Generating Space for Emergence through Quality of Presence”, Journal of Wirtschaftspsychologie 3/12

Karen O’Brien et al. (2013): “You say you want a revolution? Transforming education and capacity building in response to global change”. Environ. Sci.Policy

Papers and articles by other researchers and practitioners that we can recommend:

David Rooke and William R. Torbert (4/2005): “Seven Transformations of Leadership”, 05-04 Seven Transformations HBR Harvard Business Review

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