Rescue – ESF


Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for Unstable Earth (RESCUE)  2009 – 2012

Anne Caspari is part of the Scientific Working Group on finding integral ways “Towards a Revolution in Education and Capacity Building”. The group is part of the programme Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for Unstable Earth (RESCUE), funded by the European Science Foundation. The members of the working group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Karen O´Brien (University of Oslo, IPPC) are key scientist and education experts from all over the world.

May 26 to Friday 28 2010 the working group gathered in Bonn, Germany, in order to use action research foresight methods to co-create new insights into how to make a revolution in education and capacity building happen.

The workshop was aimed to “revolutionize” participant’s visioning capacity. The first part of the workshop, led by Riel Miller of Xperidox, was designed to plunge the participants into a “futures literacy” learning process on how to realize the breakthroughs that make a revolution in education and capacity building happen.  Within that framework, Anne Caspari led a module of “Mindshifting: The Key to Prototyping Revolutionary Change”. The participants were briefly introduced to the integral model (AQAL) and then led into 1st –person experiential exercises, designed to give first hand insights on fixed view points and the ability to shift out of fixed conditions. It prepares the deliberate identification or dis-identification with definitions, identities and view points regarding self definitions, or anything from climate change paradigms to educational concepts.

This is seen as an introduction to a “Trim Tab Training”, to make leaders and multipliers become extremely more effective both personally and professionally, to foster the ability to multiple viewpoints and paradoxes and to swap problem solving for the ability to prototype and create.cropped-revolution-pix1

 O’Brien, K., Reams, J., Caspari, C., Dugmore, A., Faghihimani, M., Fazey, I., Hackmann, H., Manuel-Navarrete, D., Marks, J., Miller, R., Raivio, K., Romero-Lankao, P., Virji, H., Vogel, C., and Winiwarter V. (2013). ‘You Say you want a Revolution? Transforming Education and Capacity Building in Response to Global Change.’ Environmental Science & Policy. Ms. Ref. No.:  -D-2373R1


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