Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Transformation Intensive – Courses

The courses and trainings we are holding here deal with deep personal transformation.  Experienced in many different schools of thought, methodes and approaches, we  can easily cross reference the transformative processes to different researchers and maps of the territory, such as Integral Theory (AQAL, Ken Wilber), ‘Immunity to Change’ work (Robert Kegan), U-Process (Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski) and many others. Download the general Course Description Schmagerow.

1 Day Masterclass 

June 25, 2016 in Munich, Germany, see infos and flyer München Juni 2016

6 Day Intensive / 8 Day Intensive 

This is a full immersion with a deep transformative cycle. This training is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal and professional changes that are most important to them.

  • August 20 – 25 (27), 2016  @ House Schmagerow near Berlin, Germany (residential course)
  • October 8 – 13 (15), 2016 @ House Schmagerow near Berlin, Germany (residential course)

Costs for 6 Days: € 2900,- exl. VAT; 8 Days: € 3900,- excl. VAT
early bird discount until one month before the course (€ 2600 Euro or € 3500,- exl. VAT)

Accomodation comes with full board and internet access (80 €/day/person).
Some rooms are shared. The course includes 3 coaching sessions for the time after the course.

Shorter modules of 4 days are also available. They are both preparatory to the full immersion course and yet standing on their own feet, including integrating negative automatic assumptions and the experience first clarities around pure agentic ways of being and how personal alignment feels like. They start with the other courses.

Reviewer Days 

  • September 28 – October 2nd 2016 @ House Schmagerow. 4 Day retreat: reviewers only, community of practice.

Think Tank/ Workshop: Facing Organizational Challenges  – 

Trainer: Bonnitta Roy, Ct, USA

Upon request

  • private coaching, face to face or on skype (annecaspari)
  • 1:1 intensives  (House Schmagerow or near Basel, Switzerland, any number of days and designed to fit personal requirements)

The pictures are from courses and workshops from Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Norway and Sweden.


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