LIFT – Leadership for Transition

Integral Think Tank: Leadership for Transition

EU funded GRUNDTVIG project for life long learning and sustainable education (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden)

Leadership for Transition (LiFT) brings together innovative researchers, practitioners and citizens engaged in the fields of leadership, education and societal transition to promote more integrative, more effective and thus more sustainable ways of living in Europe and beyond. The project rationale holds that in times of multidimensional crisis, leadership increasingly needs to empower individuals and society at large to take over responsibility for working towards the common good.

LiFT therefore has two goals:

First, it creates a forum for researchers, practitioners and civic activists in the above mentioned fields to exchange knowledge and experience as to the personal, social and cultural skills which professional and civic leaders must possess in order to encourage and empower other people towards civic initiatives towards sustainability.

Second, LiFT trains (potential) leaders and interested citizens to be more effective in supporting eco-system transitions (Scharmer 2009) on local, regional, national and transnational levels and to make the necessary changes in their private and/or professional lives.

Project meetings so far:

  • LiFT workshop “Why School? A visioning workshop about the future of education”, Stockholm (Sweden), August 22-24, 2014
  • LiFT workshop “Co-creating Collective Intelligence for Complex Challenges”, Trondheim (Norway), February 28-March 01, 20; see Katrin Muff’s blog entry.
  • LiFT workshop: Kick-off meeting, Freiburg (Germany), October 03-05, 2013
  • LiFT workshop on “The future of organization(s)” with Frederic Laloux, Vienna (Austria), November 21-22, 2014
  • LiFT workshop Impact Leadership Track for “Trust & integrity in the global economy (TIGE)”, Caux (Switzerland), June 26-July 1, 2015.More info here

Methods explored: The Collaboratory, U- Process, Transformation Intensive/ awareness based technologies.

Impressions from the Collaboratory in Stockholm; August 2104


Impressions from the Integral Think Tank on Ekskäret Island; August 2014



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