Talking with Ken Wilber

Community of Practice ConCall  – Integral Without Borders & Ken Wilber

Topic: Working with Resistance in International Development 

Our third Integral Without Borders Community Call was in  early December  2013.  The intention with these IWB Sangha calls is to co-create the kind of ‘integral community’ we want to co-create, one that is deep and wise in its content, supportive in its interpersonal connections, and world-centric (even kosmo-centric!) in it’s moral embrace. Each call will focus on an aspect of integral practice in development with certain practitioners leading on these topics and with participants contributing examples from their integral projects.Ken Wilber announced his participation as he is a great supporter of our community and our work in integral international development. IIDC_worldPlease follow up on http://www.integralwithoutborders.org, or on the IWB facebook page.

This time, the topic was my work with mapping out transformative processes, overlaying Integral Theory and the AQAL map with Scharmer’s U-Process and looking at things that are usually overlooked. A deep focus of the talk was on how to work with resistances in personal adult development work. A basis for the talk were my 1 page – working papers for Integral Mentors including the diagramms, where I mapped out the process stages, the resistance and pushback patterns, as well as tools and methods for course correction. Discussing my work with the group and with Ken was an important mile stone for me; and fun too. He was acutally interested, we discussed the pitfalls and fallacies that tend to happen around this kind of work and he also encouraged me to go right ahead with my work with Bonnie Roy and the Alderlore Insight Centre on collective we-space processes for generative insight.

You can download the papers, the 3 Diagrams and the recording of the call with Ken and listen to it. The call was facilitated by our colleague Gail Hochachka from Integral Without Borders.

U diagram 1


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