Anne Caspari

Something about me:

My first love is all things nature – I spent my childhood feeling and sensing into animals and learning from nature. I have studied Environmental Planning and Nature Conservation and have worked with ecosystems, landscapes and their intrinsic processes. I specialised in strategic master planning, urban and river rehabitliation projects. On a more personal plane, just after having moved to Italy – I run into some personal patterns that were annoying and self-sabotaging. After one of these “oh shit”! moments where I saw all the patterns in front of me I went to study more about how my own consciousness worked when I didn’t. Over these trainings I got in touch with Integral Theory by Ken Wilber and I was thrilled – I was finally able to apply my work on interior phenomena such as beliefs and integrity with my work with sustainabiltiy and different cultures and mind-sets. And this has showed a successful and rewarding combination.

I now have more two decades of experience with working with systems combined with 15 years of intensive coaching and training in the field of change management and personal transformation. In studying systems design and transformational processes inside out I have specialised in dealing with complex adaptive pushback and how to deal with it in both personal coaching work and organizational development. This work closes the circle for me – before I was studying natural and man made systems to figure out what the obstacles were to self-organization and how to remove them. I now do the same with people and organization and can assist them toward greater impact, alignment, and power. This is what I love doing.

Some more facts: I have worked on sustainability and change projects throughout the EU and beyond (Syria, USA, South Africa).  I have also thaught the integrated different disciplines in the integral framework as MBA/MSc Courses at different universities (Corporate Sustainability, Business Ethics and Leadership; University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’; ‘European School of Economics’ London, Bonn ‘Alanus University for Art and Society’), and have designed, led and facilitated transformational workshops and trainings worldwide for private and corporate clients, NGOs and institutions (EU, GIZ, PLAN, LIFT, University of Oslo, NO; University of the Witwatersrand, SA). My specialties are transformative practices and I deliver frequent courses on deep personal change – Transformative Intensive.  I currently operate from Basel, Switzerland and Berln, Germany (www.schmagerow.com)  working with private enterprises, conscious business and change management initiatives tackling immunities to change and highly complex wicked problems. I have joined forces with Johann Entz von Zerssen and Mushin Schilling co-founding Entz von Zerssen, Caspari & Partner, Coaching and Consulting, a consultancy for transformative processes and organizational development in August 2015.

Have a look at a choice of projects and references.


6 thoughts on “Anne Caspari

  1. Anne, I loved your article with Jonathan Reames and love the work you are doing.
    May our paths cross in the coming year. Best regards, Dana Carman


  2. Anne, congratulations with your new website! Do you intend to put an RSS somewhere – or did I miss it? (you can delete this comment after answering)
    With love,


    • Thank you Ria! I have only taken up doing this in the last 3 days (and nights), never touched wordpress before. So a lot of the features – like rss feeds, and various widgets are still a mystery to me ; how to install them and to manage them. But next week Mushin will be back in Basel and he will give me a hand in basic programming. And since these are the first baby steps with the website, I am open and grateful for feedback and suggestions.

      Hope you are well! And how is the house going? Lots of love and happy new year, Anne


  3. Ahh, welcome to the WordPress universe! Tell Mushin to install the RSS, at least that is what I would like! All the best with your workshop too! ANd the house: it evolves step by step; our new living room ending the big works that needed doing? Just this morning they installed some lights…
    With love,


  4. Hello Anne, Greetings from The Embodied Practitioner Program in California.
    Please let me know one or two times that you might be available for a skype after the 29th of January.
    I look forward to meeting you. Warm regards, Dana


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