A Masterclass in Self Transformation; June 13, Stockholm

June 13, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Join us for a one-day workshop on effective change, where you can marvel at your own brilliant mechanisms for hiding from success and enjoy the ride through your resistances towards your personal goals. Bring your own nagging frustration and your deep curiosity. Be prepared to leave shallow surface waters for a real dive and some of these so liberating ‘oh shit’ moments. Resurface with insight, relief and a wider choice.

Do you recognize any of this?

  • You are frustrated because you run into the same issues again and again
  • You have an inkling that you are not accessing your true power
  • You struggle getting your message across
  • You don’t have the impact you desire
  • You fly somehow under the radar despite of your vision
  • You feel torn between competing goals and commitments
  • Something keeps you from effectively leading others
  • You feeling powerless when trying to convey your vision
  • You are tired of your limitations

The potential for transformational change is found right beneath your very own resistances and blind spots. The cause for such resistance or immunity to change is often hidden from introspection and is well protected from insight and logic. Take what is actually happening in your life as a starting point. Then look: What are your current ‘set points’ around your impact, your success, money, health or relationships? What have you ‘chosen’ to be unaware off? What are the repeating patterns in your life that frustrate you? Ready to change?

This workshop is experiential. We will…

  • show you some of the basic structures of your thinking and the patterns that are hindering you
  • show you the way to access those patterns and how to leverage change
  • make you experience first hand how relief from old patterns feels like;
  • show you a glimpse of prototyping your next learning edge
  • provide you with some theory context around these phenomena (e.g. Robert Kegan, Otto Scharmer)

Details: June 13, 2016;  10:00 – 16:00

Place: Stockholm, SE;
Epicenter 2,
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
111 51 Stockholm

4500, – SEK corporate
2900, – SEK NGO & Start-ups
1950, – SEK private
Includes Seminar, facilities, and coffee breaks
Please ask for a taster of how we work on skype: annecaspari




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