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Think Tank & Workshop with Bonnitta Roy


April 1 – 3, 2016 in Germany

3- DAYS with BONNITTA ROY  – An invitation to step into a new way of understanding organizational life, based on principles of open, authentic participation, which we find quite ingenious.

This is for you if you are into the kind of organizational development that deals with self-organization, creating elegant architectures that foster emergent behavior, team intelligence, distributive power and decision-making – without rigid new governance models.

APPWEBLOGO (1)During the 3-day workshop, we will explore in depth headlineswhat is actually happening with relational dynamics in groups. You gain a new understanding of how self-organization works and why you can trust it, whether you work in a conventional set
ting or an open one. You learn how to negotiate organizational and personal intentions, value streams and identities, how to solve the tension between your uniqueness, asymmetrical needs and the distribution of energy, decision and power in a group. Then we look at the design of the architecture of the organizational lab – one that allows for the release of built up complexity, for emergent behavior and novelty to arise. We do that with real organizational problems, so bring your cases. At the end, we wilApp retreat picl explore why this really matters: we are working and living in environments where we have to make choices when we cannot predict outcomes. Knowing how to allow group dynamics to be emergent becomes invaluable.

For more information, please contact Anne: anne.caspari@mindshift-integral.com or over skype. Download the flyer here: App retreat Europe