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Leading Change by Leading Self, Feb 2016, Stockholm, SE


We all have unconscious reactive patterns or blind spots. These get in the way when we want to lead and be creative, especially in challenging situations. A key is the ability to catch ourselves before we stumble and in that way become effective leaders in our lives. In this course you get to practice increasing your awareness of the hidden, unseen and illogic patterns that are holding you back so that you can get the results you want as a leader and change agent.

Leading change by Leading Self is a two day full immersion training for coaches, consultants and leaders, who

are familiar with the latest tools, models and approaches ranging from Teal Organizations, Integral & U Theory, to developmental Coaching and Immunity to Change;

still experience challenges in getting expected results and leading change in highly complex environments and global change/ sustainability initiatives.

Leading change means knowing intimately how change works. The potential for deep, permanent and transformational change is found in working with resistances, blind spots and ‘set-points’ found in your own and other’s experience. The cause of a set-point – and the potential for change – is often hidden from introspection and is well protected from insight. Finding the cause of a set-point means catching subtle shifts in your experience just before you employ an automatic escape mechanism, like becoming tired, intellectual, embarrassed or distracted. In this course you learn how to catch these shifts, and similar to martial arts, you learn how to turn them around to your advantage.

We call this aikido move of self leadership the ‘Lucky Luke Move’: we learn how to shoot faster than our own shadow. clipart_lucky-luke_animaatjes-23

Leading self comes before leading others. Doing the work on your part will greatly increase your skills in helping individuals and organizations change. This is what Bill O’Brien or Otto Scharmer talk about when they tell us how much the `inner place of an intervener´ matters to the success of an intervention. When doing this work you will see your choice field widen, and you can play with new possibilities you didn’t know were possible before. You can start leading and teaching the martial arts of change.

The course is for you, if recognize struggles where you are

  • Working in a highly complex environment and are not having the impact you desire
  • Struggling with important professional relationship
  • Feeling torn between competing expectations
  • at a point in your life, where you believe advancing professional capabilities is more about diving deeper into who you are than it is about learning how to use yet another set of concepts or techniques
  • Feeling powerless when trying to convey your vision
  • Wanting to find the purpose in your work
  • And would like to experience yourself in a depth and clarity you couldn’t access before

With this course you will get impactful insights into the following:

  • into the deeper, most hidden mechanisms of self leadership and change
  • Different kinds of options and decision making processes
  • What makes up personal authority and control over what you want to achieve
  • have insight into the deeper, most hidden mechanisms of self leadership and change
  • Foster your own vertical development from socialized to self authoring to self transforming mind
  • go from effectively lead yourself to effectively leading others

If the time has come to explore your interior landscape in order to have a greater external impact, this two-day workshop will provide guidance, experiences, resources, and a community of fellow travelers.

Methods: The course speaks to your own level of expertise and takes place in a safe and light environment. It uses methods and materials that can be seen through the lenses of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory or Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work. They can also be cross-referenced with other more intuitive transformative processes, tools and methods.  This two days intensive delivers powerful lasting insights. It is also a preparation for a deeper transformative course that lasts 8,5 days.

What past participants say

“After just a few hours I had made more progress in my self leadership than I had done in any other course in my life. After two days you don’t want to stop, the insights you get about what really is going on are just awesome! The exercises – which are fully experiential – will take you deep into those pressing issues which are curbing your power, and this is also where the potential lies for major improvement, and with that I really mean major” /E


No prior knowledge of the mentioned tools, models and approaches is necessary. However a willingness to look at your own patterns is. Prepare by thinking about and identifying some key challenges that you are facing in your life. This can be in your job, at home or any other situation.

We want to make sure that there is a good fit for you attending the course so we would like to make a short interview with each participant before the course. Download the flyer:  Leading Change by Leading Self


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