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Reality is a process

Deconstructing transformative processes

I want to take a closer look at those change processes where simple, technical solutions don’t work.  Here, different approaches are needed. If the solution is not ready at hand or fails repeatedly the challenge is most often a complex adaptive one. Resistances and pushbacks are arising and make it difficult to get to the root causes of unwanted behaviour or undesired personal realities. This is where it gets interesting.

At the bottom of these phenomena are patterns with a combination of properties that are

  • difficult to detect (fast, automatic, hidden, with defraction),
  • difficult to understand (non-logic, pre- or non-conceptual origin, based on incorrect ‘meaning-coupling’), and
  • actively protected with what can be described as an immune reaction against the intended change: the wrong meaning-coupling or mapping error is considered of existential importance – hence resistances and pushback are getting more intense the closer the individual gets to the source of the unwanted behaviour (see graphic)

However, with the right understanding of these nature of these processes, a willingness to explore despite of discomfort and resistances and the adequate tools, transformation is not only possible, but can take days instead of lifetimes, hours instead of years.

deconstructing patterns of change