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Full Immersion in Personal Transformation, January 2014, in Switzerland

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January 11 – 19, 2014, Aesch near Basel, Switzerland  

Transformation Intensive is a full immersion 8,5 days course on personal transformation and insight. 


This Course is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal changes that are most important to them.  You may have experienced that even after having done your real best to change you fall back into your old habits. Your most thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions haven’t gotten you the result you wanted.  This course is different. The approach first generates a personalized insight into what is usually invisible – the way your current mindset produces exactly those behaviors which prevent progress on the goal you most want to achieve.

The rewards of taking the full Transformation Intensive are new perspectives and realizations about your hidden assumptions and thought patterns that you had no idea were “running you”.  These insights are very liberating and provide the necessary basis to regain personal power. Now, it will be much easier learning and applying the skills to dissolve these limitations, recurring patterns, these inner conflicts and incoherence for good.  Once you see the real source of what has been preventing change, the approach guides you on a new path to accomplish it in day to day life.  The insights of this course can be directly applied to personal, professional, and collective challenges.

Transformation Intensive addresses individuals and teams who:

  • feel they are running against the same old walls and have tried different approaches that showed limited success;
  • experience recurrent life situations they are tired of;
  • are interested in exploring how to generate insights, even in personal or collective challenging situations;
  • are in a period of transition (job, relationship, etc.) in their personal life and want to create something new
  • would like to discover legitimate shortcuts to change

Moreover, the course is an excellent training ground for professionals, coaches, facilitators, change agents, integral thinkers, leaders interested to go deeper in their own development and enhance their capacity and skill set.

The Course has been developed so that you as an individual with your special talents and expertise, no matter what phase of your life you are in, learn to use your innate capacities, to:

U diagram 1

  • gain insight into the deeper, most hidden mechanisms of change and transformation
  • learn a practice of  ‘precision consciousness’, presencing and generative listening
  • find and use efficient tools if you are operating predominantly in thinking mode
  • create a solid structure if you are operating predominantly in intuitive mode
  • use your potential fast track for stage development
  • gain deeper insights into how resistances, adaptive pushback and escape mechanisms can be handled in yourself and with others
  • strengthen personal integrity and coherence

The course is an expedition into of consciousness and its mechanisms and how to personally make the most of it.  It speaks to your own level of expertise and happens in a safe and light environment.  Transformation Intensive will be thoroughly experiential and requires a commitment of 8,5  full days.

This course uses  materials that can be seen through the lenses of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory or Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work. They can also be cross-referenced with other more intuitive transformative processes, tools and methods. It also incorporates new insights gained from ongoing work on post-dialectic process methodology for generative participatory insighting  with the Alderlore Insight Center, CT, USA.

team 1

January  11 – 19, 2014, Basel, Switzerland. Nearest Airport Basel; for more information on costs  write to Anne anne@mindshift-integral.com or call on skype.

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