Complexity Partners

Making Sense in a Complex World

Complexity Partners

We partner with you when the challenges you face become more and more complex, non-linear and messy, and straightforward solution-thinking is no longer enough to go about change, transformation, leadership or organisational development.

Complexity work brings in the whole relationship with people’s embeddedness in different systems and environments. It looks as much at the systemic context, the ‘in-between’ and the relationship dynamics as well as the actions and skills of individual leaders and people. 

In an organisational context, we support you in figuring out what is happening right now in complex and uncertain situations to find the next practical and workable steps for your team or organisation.

On a personal level, we support you in finding out how the feedback you receive through your personal experience has something to do with the way you reflect on what is going on with yourself and your immediate environment and what to do about it.

Is this you…?

Have a look if any of these statements resonate:

Complexity Work

You and your team feel overwhelmed by all the high-stakes decisions you need to make with too little data.

You feel dissatisfied by simplistic answers that only seem to make things worse.

You feel stuck and have the feeling that what has worked before doesn’t cut it anymore.

You understand that change is needed but conditions are so complex you don’t know how to go about it.

You understand that culture is emergent from many different daily interactions.

You feel excited by the possibilities that the current uncertainty offers, but you are unsure how to bring them alive.

We have worked with many people just like you to partner with them in navigating these challenges. Have a look at how we work and partner with you under complex conditions and with shifting patterns.

Transformation Work

You are reluctant to make important decisions.

You are excited about the possibilities but afraid to choose.

You have a sense of not being understood and you can’t seem to be able to express yourself and everything you feel inside.

There are situations that seem to repeat in your life.

There is something missing in your life

You are in a transition period in your life and you are not sure where the journey takes you.

You have tried different methods and none of them seems to work in the depth and sustainability you search for.

You are curious about what else you might be able to express.

If any of these resonate with you, have a look at how we work in the personal sphere with leadership development, self-leadership, decision-making and coaching.